Saturday, July 30, 2005

Luther, Luther, Luther...

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Finally, someone said it. Of course it takes the British to out and say that Luther Vandross was gay, not verifiably, but it was just assumed. American tributes allowed only that he was a "lifelong bachelor." Oh really now. The Guardian UK has the balls GO THERE, girl:
In the United States, black men who feel deeply are an endangered species, for the country loves and embraces its black males if they are tough like Mike Tyson or crude like 50 Cent. Classically poised, sensitive and smart is not an image that is always rewarded, but Luther persevered and embraced contradiction. He was a major iconic figure for black gay men and, although he never disclosed his sexuality, it was generally assumed that he was gay.
Though, the snarly British PopBitch, tossed the Vandross faggy dish three weeks ago:
>> On a trip to London, Luther requested that his record company provided him with young men dressed as Grenadier Guards, complete with furry hats.

>> Luther once toured with En Vogue. The mean girls and their crew taunted him for being gay - and made up "no gayness" stickers featuring a man bent over with his trousers around his ankles, with a red line across him, which they stuck everywhere.
Not cool, En Vogue. Not cool.


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