Friday, July 22, 2005

Full Moon Fever Dream

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Thursday night, FULL MOON, lesbianic fever deam at Little Pedro's. J D Samson of Le Tigre spun some hard to dance to licks. Lots of M.I.A. I recall. Though I recall very little because the moon was strong as was the heat. Couldn't find a rhythm. When I did I kept bumping butts with a fiesty lesbian in a "wife beater." When I turned to give her a grinning, friendly shove, she wasn't having it. She retreated into her womb of friends and scowled. But then, as a friend explained, "Little Pedro's has this way of being both a perfectly undefined scene with the right mix of people and only two or three steps away from something nasty going down. Theft, fights, whatever. Pure L.A." Definately pure and sweaty and moody.


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