Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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There’s a new television station coming to L.A. in the fall, whimsically called the Local Television Network. Its website says the channel will be geared towards an 18-34 year old audience. Shows in their lineup include “Ballin,” “Dialed In,” “City Vibe,” “Belle du Jour,” and “Red Light.” Video clips are available on the website. The show “Night Guide” will give viewers an insider’s look at bars, clubs and restaurants. The totally excited yet understated female co-host says, “This is Tantra’s dining room, but we’re going to eat in the lounge because that’s more our style.” Holy shit. That’s how I play the night scene too! I’m such a lounge guy. I want more. Perhaps after LTN gets rollin’ they’ll add new shows like “Vatos,” or “Leather Daddy Daily,” or “Art Damage,” or “Gentri Fried!” I wish I watched television now.


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