Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Grunge Binge: "Girlfriend" by Eric's Trip

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Because everything looks better in Super 8, or at least it did in the grunge era, ah the 1990s, ah if only I had better music taste back then I would have been into the Canadian indie-alterna-grunge-lo-fi rockers Eric's Trip. I did catch on a few years later, but am only truly ingratiated now more then 10 years after their breakup. Though it should be noted that singer/bassist Julie Doiron's latest solo album is a kind of reunion for the band, so, well. This video for "Girlfriend"(1994) exudes some quality grunge aesthetic, particularly the shot (above, top left) of a skeleton driving a 1980s era Honda Civic. How great is that image?! Or the somber pale girl smoking in the forest (above, bottom right),obscured by branches and the shadows of the branches. The band, named after a Sonic Youth song, taps the indie rock vein cut wide open by Pavement and Sebadoh. Melody calms their static crunch and Julie Doiron—oh my dear Julie Doiron still working and performing and breaking my heart to this day—her ethereal yet dissonant vocals soften the corners. Or maybe her vocals smudge the corners, with pink? Whatever, the video rocks. Grunge children of the 90s, shake your sleepy heads, your comeuppance is here.

Watch this:

PS. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what the label "Grunge" actually connotes, but I'm thinking: alternative, slackers, indie rockers... you know. Right? Why not throw out a few more labels define the label. But I'm thinking it's a blanket term for white, non-mainstream rock-aligned music listeners of the 1990s. For now, let's say it's a running definition.

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