Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Woody Doo Jew Dah!

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LA's ex-junkie jew scribe Jerry Stahl reviewed NYC's little jew movie wondermanboyman Woody Allen's latest collection of writings, "Mere Anarchy" in last Sunday's LA Times. The review is positive and very jew-y. Stahl also manages to gloat, in an aside, about another funny new jew book, Michael Chabon's "The Yiddish Policemen's Union." Yay jews! Stahl says of Allen's rehashing of his material:
Not even Allen's most ardent fans will claim this as original turf. So what? As Flaubert once remarked, "If you want to be avant-garde in your art, lead a conventional life." And no one could accuse a man who marries his partner's adopted daughter of leading a conventional life.
Touché. (Wait. Stahl's saying Allen is a conventional, yet great practitioner of humor? Ok. Ok. Hell, what more could one want from life?) Allen gets a lot of shit for his uneven cinematic output and his personal life. To that I say, "Fuck you, he still poops out some nice fibrous and funny wonders for the New Yorker now and again." And regardless of his personal life, his best works cannot be denied. Unless you hate the nebbish and neurotic (and I have friends who do, so perhaps they are justified because these traits permeate Allen's work. But let's leave the artist's personal life out of judgments of his art pleasethanks). Let us revisit the opening monologue of "Annie Hall," his Academy Award winning film for which he ballsily didn't bother to show up to receive his Oscar:

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