Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Shadows of Mexican Lovers

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This photograph taken by Brigitte while in Oaxaca, Mexico for the recent Day of the Dead Festivities.

The shadows. There is something going on with the shadows trailing at the feet of the couple. Black and shrunken versions of the two. And her shadow reaches out of the frame where the unseen setting of their photograph exists. What is she standing in front of? His shadow lurches towards her. Hers is trailing away, aloof, literally disconnected by the frame. The subject of the photograph seems to be neither the mildy perverse man nor the girl somewhat disinterested in the photo she's actively participating in, no, the subject seems to be that grand space in between the two. They might be a couple but they appear so disconnected. Maybe it's the act of him taking the photo, maybe their shadows know what's going on. His lurches towards, hers falls away kind of reflecting how she seems annoyed while he seems eager, vaguely hunched and mannish, legs wide, a pornographer, a lover, not an artist, no, there's only one artist here.


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