Saturday, June 04, 2005

Los Feliz Affectations Recounted in Chinatown

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She works at a bookstore in Los Feliz where girls have come in on many occasions and said, “So I’m dating this ‘smart-guy’ and I’m having him over. I want to buy some books to have around, you know, that are smart.” They just come out and say it. The smart being a kind of affect, a kink, like being into leather or really enjoying getting your ass eaten. I wonder about these ‘smart-guys.’

She who must endure the innanities of brosters (bro-ey hipsters) has had enough of this city after two years. I try not to protest against her decision to leave L.A. too much. She made the above drawings on bar napkins last night at Hop Louie in Chinatown. Her paintings are glorious and she felt uncomfortable drawing under pressure, my pressure, me saying, “Draw my portrait. Make me look sexy.” The napkin on the right is of the bartender and was actually drawn before the portrait, but I like the conversation in this order...

“I am Adam,” I did not say.

“Are you a foreigner?” the bartender asked, but not to me.

“Yes.” I say it all the time but I didn't say it last night.


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