Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Dangers of the Crushingly Beautiful

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"A Tout de Suite" by BenoƮt Jacquot

There's not much to say about this French film except that, though it's marketed as a French New Wave throwback, I didn't quite see the parallels. Whatever intellectualism could be gleaned was brief and having to do with gendered notions of life's multiplicity. Men tending to live theirs all at once. Which one is true? Who knows.


Anonymous Lauren said...

Dear ATJ,

The title of this post reminded me, of course, of my own dangerous experiences in this glamorous city with teeth of crushed glass.

Oh, and I sent an email to your yahoo account. If you are no longer using that one, please remind me of your present address. If you are using that one, please ask your housekeeper to keep the noise down so you can concentrate on writing back.

21 Work days before I leave the country to dig in the dirt!

7:18 AM  

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